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A look back (2013)

One thing I can say about 2013 — It’s certainly been eventful. I’ve done things I have done before, traveled to places I’ve only ever dreamed of but its also a year marked with sadness.

Year In Review 2013

Fortunately, Facebook and other Social Media has made it easier for us to ‘review’ the year that’s gone before. Reviewing this blog I also realized how much I’ve fallen behind on my plans: The UX study plan for example — I’ve read the books but I haven’t practiced, nor have I been active in the communities I love.

Time does fly, and fly fast but the last few months of 2013 has also driven home an important lesson, we should all pursue our passions because life is unpredictable in the best and the worst ways.

I look forward to 2014 as a better year.