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After the Lightning Strike

A few days ago I was working through a fog, trying to find something, anything that I could do as a career. I have a job but its still something different if I have a career.

Strangely enough it was looking through Google’s ‘about’ page that got me invigorated, going through their pages I saw that there were a lot of resources Google provides for free. This might be something everyone knew, and to be honest, it was something I knew at the back of my head but never really considered the impact until I went searching and found them.

As an example: Last September 25 Google launched ‘Google for Entrepreneurs‘ a site that according to Washington Post ‘ gathers all its initiatives and services for start-ups into one place.’

I love the idea that Google would help people passionate about starting a business and help them give the tools they need as well as the resources. I also love that this initiative partnered with organizations that help women. It was this part that made me sit-up and realize that’s also something I want to do.

Help other women get started with technology. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet since I’m not as informed as I should be but that’s the focus I want to go to.

I want to educate other people about programs and applications they can use for free. Open Source. I want to do something about it but honestly I don’t know which direction I should go.