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I think this is the new productivity hack I’ll do for 2014.

This Note-Taking System Turns You Into An Efficiency Expert

Snow Fall isn’t the only interactive storytelling New York Times dabbled with here a collection of links to New York Times Year in Interactive Storytelling.

Why Battery Life Should Be The New Smartphone Battleground

”Smartphones are unquestionably one of the most useful devices of the 21st century but they continue to have one critical flaw – battery life. We’ve all been there – you forgot to charge your smartphone and you have 10% battery life left to see you through the day.”

I miss the days when a cellphone battery can last days and not just a few hours. It’s really baffling why that is not the battleground smartphone makers are fighting in.

The Lost Secrets of webOS

“It’s been over two years since HP’s TouchPad and the Pre 3 were released and then discontinued in a surprise decision from then-CEO Léo Apotheker. In fact, most people within HP were blindsided when executives decided to stop hardware production and left the software team twisting in the winds of uncertainty. Apotheker’s decision ultimately led to the open sourcing of some parts of webOS and the sale of the rest to LG under current CEO Meg Whitman.

But back in 2011, before and after Apotheker’s fateful decision, Palm had been actively working on both new hardware and new software. The Verge has obtained documents describing Palm’s plans and even a design prototype of a new smartphone. They tell a story of a company struggling to innovate in the face of daunting competition and perishingly few resources. They also show that, even at the end, Palm’s ambition outstretched its ability.”

This is something that still sets my teeth on edge because in my humble opinion webOS’s interface was light years ahead of any mobileOS currently in the market. Yes, that includes iOS 7 which cribbed most of webOS’s multitasking card function.

Its still the smoothest, most intuitive and put together interface I’ve ever come across and its a tragedy that it was cut short, especially with all the other projects they had lined up.