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WordCamp Philippines 2012

Currently in the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) for the fourth WordCamp Philippines. It’s th fourth WordCamp but my first Camp and very excited or it to start.

I’m excited to note that Mozilla is on of the major sponsors for WC Philippines. I’ve become an avid fan of Mozilla and I’m getting an unexpected thrill at getting some nifty Mozilla giveaways.

Globally speaking this has been a busy week for Tech. Apple released the new iPad 4 and the controversial iPad mini, Microsoft also officially released its Windows 8 into the wild together with its Surface tablets. I’m not a big fan of Windows but I have to admit it is winning me over because of how innovatively different Win 8 is, there will be bugs o course and I might even get Win 8 but only after I’m sure a large amount o bugs or UI experience are fixed.

There are some advantages choosing to be a late adopter. 

Word has it Google will release their new Nexus products on October 30, something I think the Search giant needs after the financial setback (something a lot of people attributes to Motorola bringing down company profits). 

Yahoo also seemed poised to jumpstart its move to the mobile with, in my opinion, the first o many acquisitions. I may do a post about Marissa Meyer one of these days because I’ve also grown fascinated with the new Yahoo CEO and curious at her plans to salvage Yahoo and make it more current to the web landscape and not just be known as a portal.
I’ve strayed wildly off point!

Anyway, I will report back re: WordCamp Philippines.